Radio Controled Variable Speed Dolly

User Defined End Points

Automatic End Point Braking

Automatic "Ping Pong" Mode

Adjustable Braking Gain

Works with all our heads

Wireless HD video Link

Live HD Broadcast capabilities


Dolly length - 45"

Dolly width - 24"

max. Speed - 10 mph

max. Payload - 44 lbs.

Compatible with 306, Scanner, DJI Ronin 2, Ronin MX, Movi Pro/M5/10/15, as well as other heads

The RoboDolly allows for Motion Control shots with standard dolly track and either wired or wireless cameras/remote heads. The RoboDolly Works with all of our remote heads ranging from the Egripment 306 head to the Ronin 2 & MX Stabilized Head.