Reach: 13’ - 18'

Overall Operational Length: 16' - 21'

Maximum Nose Load: 80 lbs

Maximum Lens Height: 23'

Minimum Chassis Height: 6'5"

Dolly Width: 2'4”

Dolly Length: 4'

Approx. Crane Weight: 850 lbs

Operational Space Needed: 8' Radius

36' of Dolly Track

Power: 110 vac, 24 vdc battery

With up to 18’ of reach the Scanner can be manually telescoped, in 6” increments, back down to 13’ in a matter of seconds. The arm is made up of 2 sections which makes building it extremely fast - another time and money saver.

With a rigid, lightweight aluminum structure, the Scanner can support most Digital and Film cameras, and pairs well with many of our remote heads. The Scanner is small enough to roll through doorways or be mounted in the back of an all terrain UTV.


Scanner Crane