The belt drive motor and control system on CineLine allow for a broad range of speeds with incrdibly smooth transitions. CineLine offers a wide spectrum of uses from indoor venues to fast paced outdoor extreme sports events.

CineLine Cable Cam

2018 Emmy award for remote broadcast coverage of the 2018 US Open Tennis.

Point to Point Cable Cam System

All Wireless System

Works well with our DJI Ronin 2 or Ronin MX

Wireless HD video Link

Live HD Broadcast capabilities

Noisy production gear in a sound sensitive environment is annoying. CineLine employs an ultra quiet motor driver and a specially designed multi-brush motor which are silent. CineLine has a quite stealthy noise signature.

CineLine is a ‘Point to Point’ cable cam system. It ‘flies’ along a high strength Dyneema rope stretched between two anchor points. The anchor points can be fixed points like trees or other permanent structures or they can be movable anchors like anchored truss, a scissor lift, scaffold, a forklift or similar.

CineLine is easily transported and set up by as little as one person. It’s  self contained electric motor system makes it one of the most compact professional cable cam systems available today.


trolley length - 44"

min. Speed - 18" per minute

max. Speed - 50 mph

max. Payload - 50 lbs.

max. rope span - 1000' +

Compatible with DJI Ronin 2, Ronin MX,

Movi Pro/M5/10/15, as well as other heads