Picture Factory is AUTHORIZED BY THE FAA to provide aerial cinematography for film, video, tv & live broadcast production. Our pilot's are FAA Part 107 certified Remote Pilots. In a nod to our CineCopter, Picture Factory was the first production company East of the Rockies to be granted a Section 333 regulatory exemption by the FAA. We're proud to offer yet another cutting-edge way to give our clients unique perspectives and moving camera shots from places otherwise impossible to reach.  


Aerial 4K Cinematography

Aerial Photography

Stabilized 3 axis remote head

GPS Positioning

15+ Minutes of flight time*

Live HD video downlink

HD Client Monitor

Wireless Intercom System

1-Pilot, 1-Camera Operator

Redundant safety systems

Easily Transported Worldwide

We fly the DJI M600 Pro & DJI Inspie 2

               *flight times are weather and payload dependent

Adidas-Behind the Scenes


Lipo D

University of Minnesota #1

University of Minnesota #2

Xcel Energy

Silver Bay, MN-Fall Colors

Lipo D-Behind the Scenes

Minnesota Twins

DuPont Pioneer

Lands' End

2017 Demo Reel

Our CineCopters have provided live aerial broadcast solutions for...


Minnesota State Lottery

Minnesota State Lottery