Reach: 7' - 25'

Overall Operational Length: 14' - 32'

Maximum Nose Load: 100 lbs

Maximum Lens Height: 27'

Minimum Chassis Height: 6'2"

Dolly Width: 4'

Dolly Length: 5'

Approx. Working Crane Weight: 1400 lbs

Operational Space Needed: 8' Radius

Built in dolly wheels for standard dolly track

Power: 110 vac

The Xtreme T10 is a Carbon Fiber telescoping crane arm making it very rigid, yet light weight.

The T10 is fully encoded making it ready for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for live broadcast or on set capture.

The Xtreme T10 is also available for purchase.


Xtreme T10

Telescoping Crane