Egripment 306

Remote Head

Standard Joystick Controls

Optional Pan Bar Fluid Head Controls

Optional Crank Wheels Head Controls

2-axis, Analog Head

33 lb. Camera Load Capacity

Accommodates Fiber/Triax Cabled Cameras

Utilizes standard Mitchell Mount

Upright height: 13.7”

Width: 15.6”

Weight: 25 lbs

The 306 Remote Head delivers high quality movements.

The Egripment 306 Remote Camera Head is our latest Head in the extensive line of Egripment Remote Camera Heads, including: The world's well known Hot Head, Hot Shot, MiniShot, MicroShot, SuperShot, and Scanner Head.

The 306 is a compact and completely nodal Remote Head with a load capacity of 15 kg | 33 lbs. The 306 Head is very fast and offers the smooth response and reliability that Egripment heads are known for.

The 306 can work with the Xtreme T10, Scanner Crane , Jimmy Jib Triangle or as a stand alone fixed remote head.

The 306 head is also available for sale.