Egripment 301

Remote Head

Standard Joystick Controls

Jib Controls

Pan Bar Fluid Head Controls

Crank Wheels Head Controls

2-axis, Analog Head

33 lb. Camera Load Capacity

Accommodates Fiber/Triax Cabled Cameras

Utilizes standard Mitchell Mount

Upright height: 13”

Width: 7”

Weight: 18 lbs

The 301 Remote Head delivers high quality movements.

The Egripment 301 Remote Camera Head is our extensive line of Egripment Remote Camera Heads, including:

The world's well known Hot Head, Hot Shot, 306, MiniShot, MicroShot, SuperShot, and Scanner Head.

The 301 is a compact and completely nodal Remote Head with a load capacity of

15 kg/33 lbs. The 301 Head is very fast and offers the smooth response and reliability that Egripment heads are known for.

The 301 can work with the Xtreme T10, TDT Crane, Scanner Crane , Jimmy Jib Triangle or as a stand alone fixed remote head.

The 301 head is also available for sale.